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Roof Replacement

Dallas, Fort Worth and North Texas Residential Roof Replacement

roof replacementWe realize that most people are not thinking much about their roof, but it is an integral part of your home which is an investment you value and want to protect. We all want to make smart financial decisions and be responsible with the energy resources we have. Therefore, we will assist you in understanding how your roof can save you money through lower utility bills, federal tax credits and reduced insurance premiums.

There are many roofing materials available to construct a new roof for your home.  We will work with you to determine the best materials to re-roof your Dallas home. Materials that meet your needs and your budget while maximizing the aesthetics to make your home look the most beautiful on the block.


Capture1Arrington Roofing always uses the highest quality materials to re-roof Dallas and we offer a wide variety of products from leading manufacturers.  We are proud to be a Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning, as well as offering products from CertainTeed, GAF-Elk, Tamko and Monier Lifetile.


residential_flat_roofingFlat or Low-Sloped Roofs

At Arrington, we also specialize in constructing and maintaining flat or low-sloped roofs.  Since there are very few residential homes with this type of roof system, most roofers are not equipped to work on them.  Our crews are fully knowledgeable and trained on the unique and technical challenges they can present.

Why Hand-Nailing is Better

When it comes to our residential roofing jobs, we take great care in our craftsmanship and attention to detail.  An example of this is that we only hand-nail our shingles.  Many roofers use nail guns to get the job done quickly.  What you don’t see is the shoddy work that results.  A nail gun drives a nail in with too much force and then can pass through the shingle leaving a hole and a shingle that is not secure.   With a hand-held hammer, our crews can control the force and deliver a consistent angle with each nail across every shingle.  Many roofs built with nail guns will not last over time and often will not even pass city inspections.  This would never be the case with Arrington, as we only hand-nail our shingles.

If you are looking to re-roof your Dallas home, please call us at 214-698-8443 or request a complimentary consultation and estimate.